Getting started with XlBridge in C#

Writing your first server

  1. Create a new console app and go to the project directory

     dotnet new console XlBridgeTest
     cd XlBridgeTest
  2. Add relevant NuGet packages

     dotnet package add XlBridge.GrpcConnect.Native
  3. Add a file CustomFunctions.cs with the following content:

     namespace XlBridgeTest 
         public class CustomFunctions
             public static double MyAdd(double foo, double bar)
                 return foo + bar;
  4. Replace the content of Program.cs with:

    This file uses the new top-level statements style available from C# 9.0. It needs to be adjusted for use with older versions of C# using namespace, class and a Main method.

     using System;
     using XlBridgeTest;
     using XlBridge.Integration;
     var testServer = new BridgeServiceBuilder()
     Console.WriteLine("Server is started. Press Enter to quit.");
     await testServer.ShutdownAsync();
  5. Start the server

     dotnet run
  6. After a few seconds, there should be a new formula MYADD available in Excel. Edit a cell and enter:

  7. If all went well, the cell should now display 42.

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