Using the XlBridge Add-in

Built-in functions

The add-in has a number of built-in functions for monitoring purposes.

Configure servers connections

The XlBridge Excel add-in connects by default to http://localhost:4704/ which is also the default host when creating a calculation server. No configuration is needed in this case.

A more complex scenario requires a configuration file. Supported options are

The add-in reads the file xlbridge.json if it exists in the user home directory (%USERPROFILE%). The file is only read at startup. Adding or modifying the server setup can not be done while Excel is running.

Use the built-in function XLBRIDGE.CONNECTIONS() to verify that the file is setup correctly and to monitor connection status.

Example config

A config with two servers of which one is a remote connection at an alternative port would look something like:

    "bridgeServer": {
        "servers": {
            "default": {
                "uri": "http://localhost:47074",
                "enabled": true
            "python": {
                "uri": "",
                "prefix": "py.",
                "enabled": true

The enabled and prefix entries are optional.

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